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TP at Pensados Place

Uncategorized / Posted on 12.09.13

I recently got the opportunity to be interviewed on Dave's 'Pensado's Place' show. It was a lot of fun.  You can watch it here Thanks to Dave and Herb.

20 Years ago !

Uncategorized / Posted on 09.19.12

At this time 20 years ago I was working away from home in the city of BATH on the new Tears For Fears album. It was a very creative experience for me as, aside from production duties, Roland wanted me to contribute musically to the album. Working from Roland's home studio also gave us the opportunity to free ourselves from the constraints of budgets, time etc. Great times. Here is a link to one of my favorite songs that we recorded. 'Mr Pessimist' Elemental Wiki

Old Ozzy TV AD

Uncategorized / Posted on 04.28.12

I found this ad for 'Down to earth' the album I produced for OZZY ..I had never seen it before ! You can see it HERE It was a great when people actually went out and bought CD's. Nobody remembers their first download.

Time Out Mumbai

Uncategorized / Posted on 04.28.12

I did an interview for time out recently talking about the new Indus Creed album..You can read it HERE

Recording Connection

Uncategorized / Posted on 04.06.12

New short Interview HERE Part 2 is HERE

Fox & News at 62

Uncategorized / Posted on 03.08.12

FOX 7 NEWS paid a visit to '62 Studios to chat with Tim about SXSW and to ask his advice for hopefuls entering into the upcoming X-Factor auditions in Austin in March. Pictured here is Tim and Ann Wyatt Little